Privacy Policy

Missions Possible strives to provide a quality shopping experience for all of our visitors. We regard our customers’ privacy with respect and in accordance with acceptable internet practice we have a published privacy policy, which is outlined below.

Customer Information

Missions Possible does not release or sell email addresses obtained through our website or other activities. All personal information is held as “strictly confidential” by Missions Possible.

Missions Possible does not release or sell the names and addresses of its customers obtained through its website or other activities. All personal information is held as “strictly confidential” by Missions Possible.

Credit Cards and Security

Missions Possible uses the secure server software (SSL) of Plug ‘n Pay Technologies, Inc. for secure commerce transactions so that the personal information you provide to complete your purchase remains confidential and secure. Your personal information is used only to process your order, is protected under our agreement with Plug-n-Pay, and is not shared with any other entity.

SSL technology encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you can verify that you are on a secure page when you see the closed-lock icon at the bottom right of your browser. Other browsers should also display some sort of icon to you indicating that the page is secure. You can also click on this icon to see the issuing authority for the secure certificate that makes the SSL possible.

When You Click the Checkout Button

You are directed to the secure checkout page at our transaction processor (Plug-n-Pay). All secure transactions are handled on the Plug-n-Pay secure web pages. Your credit card information is protected on the Plug-n-Pay secured server and is used only for processing your order. Missions Possible does not store credit card data or order data on its website.


An email acknowledgement is sent when an order is placed on our web site. Additional emails may follow to inform you of the status of your order. If you do not receive these emails, you may have accidentally typed the wrong email address into your order (call us and we’ll correct it).

Once or twice a month, a promotional email newsletter may be sent to inform interested visitors of new features, new products, or “on-sale” events and fresh coupon codes. Removal instructions are always at the bottom of the promotional emails.


Our web site uses cookie technology to place items in your shopping cart and provide an enhanced shopping experience. If you disabled cookies in the past, please make sure that you have cookies enabled (the default setting when you installed your browser software) on your browser in order to place your order online. If you do not wish to enable cookies, please phone in your order.

Cookies are also used by some of the search engines such as Overture to help us determine which “keywords” are searched most frequently by our customers making purchases. This information remains anonymous and is a tally only of specific keywords.