Design & Decor

With more than 30 years in the interior design field, we have
the experience, expertise, and resources to assist with any project.
Interiors of offices, boats, airplanes, schools and hotels have all been
created, but our main concentration has been RESIDENTIAL DESIGN.

Whether you need to upgrade, downsize, simply refresh or
totally renovate, we provide complete services which offer a vast array
of choices in traditional, contemporary or eclectic styles.


REARRANGE your possessions to suit a change in lifestyle.

REFRESH your surroundings with minimal expense

RESTORE OR REFINISH a treasured heirloom and update your look

REUPHOLSTER that sagging sofa or your “most comfortable” chair

RENOVATE one room or the entire house

REDESIGN and REVITALIZE… together… all in a day’s work…

We are inspired by the challenge of making the
maximum impact with the minimum disruption and expense.
With our involvement we will make your MISSIONS POSSIBLE!